PaigeeWorld Christmas 

Contest 2018


It's that time of year once more, 

where we all gather together and draw.

The festive cheer is in the air,

and the anticipation is too much to bear! 

But who will win- we do not know,

and obtain that classic super Nintendo !



The PaigeeWorld Moderator Team

Contest Organization and Planning

Social Media, promotion, planning.


Contest Art and Print

PaigeeWorld main artist and co-ordinator


Contest Theme

Contest planner and organiser


“PaigeeWorld expanded my creativity with their contests and awesome community!”


“The community is so supportive and friendly, it's easy to make lifelong friends.”

“PaigeeWorld re-kindled my passion to draw again due to the love and support from the community!”


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This year's amazing Grand Prize for the contest is a rare 

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic !


When uploading your entry to PaigeeWorld you must include the primary contest tag:


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Participation Prizes

In the spirit of the season, there will also be a Participation Prize!

The Winner will be randomly selected from all qualifying entries regardless of skill or style!

Participation Prize

Nintendo 2DS XL with MarioKart 7

Signed Print by QueenWicky009

Alpaca Sticky Notes or Memos

Milk Eraser

Macaron or Princess Pencil

+ Extra's

Many thanks from the PaigeeWorld Team


Earn your Christmas PaigeePin by unlocking the Christmas Contest tutorial on the STORE.

Tutorial soon available on the Store !


Contest webpage

Webpage creator, co-ordinator

This amazing retro console is a wonderful collectible and piece of gaming history with 21 gaming gems such as:

- Super Mario World

- The Legend of Zelda

- Super Metroid 

- Final Fantasy 6

- Earth Bound

And Many More! 

Contest Requirements

Theme: Christmas Celebration

Required elements:

☆ PaigeeWorld Logo
☆ PW Christmas characters Star or Ivory
☆ Two Christmas Presents in Boxes
☆ Your PaigeeWorld watermark 

( example; )

Optional elements 

(choose 3 of the following)

☆ Christmas Tree ☆ Xmas stockings
☆ Snowman ☆ Reindeer Hat
☆ Earmuffs ☆ Santa Hat
☆ Icicles ☆ Ugly Sweater
☆ Alpaca ☆ Snow Flakes
☆ Candles ☆ Santa Sleigh

You can also use your own OC or other PaigeeWorld characters like Nyan and Aoi.

Contest Rules

☆ All art MUST be your own.

☆ Do not use bases without credit to original artist.

☆ Entries can be digital, traditional or a mixture.

☆ Always put the contest hashtag in your description.

☆ Do NOT post WIPs or sketches to the hashtag.

☆ Entries must be colored.

☆ Entries must have contest requirements.

☆ No collaborations with other artists.

Contest Dates:  December 1 - January 2, 2019


Meet Star, an energetic and cheerful girl! 

Star is always ready to share the festive cheer with her bright smile and colorful attire!


Meet Ivory, a shy, quiet but very kind girl~ 

Ivory shares her festive spirit with those she loves and enjoys picking out the best gifts for her friends!

Grand prize voted on by mods - Must have all required and 3 optional elements.

Contest Sponsored by:

Candace Rohrick - Kerrisdale Realtor

Candace Rohrick - Yaletown Realtor

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